Edelbrock Carburetor & Accessories

Modern fuel systems may have dominated the automotive industry. But, you should never forget that without the carburetor, the concept of fuel injection systems would not be viable. Before fuel injection systems were developed, the use of the carburetor was widespread. The carburetor or the carb is an old style of fuel system. It is a device where fuel and air is fused for an efficient combustion. Unlike fuel injection systems, you can alter the fuel/air ratio in the carb when there is a need to change speed and load. The carb is a very useful component if you really want to extract the best possible performance from your auto. If your vehicle uses a carburetor, you can still make it perform very efficiently. Periodic maintenance of the carb is required to keep it in shape. And if you notice that the carburetor has been damaged, do something. A slight defect on the carb might result to a terrible situation. Put a stop to anything that might happen to your vehicle and to your drive by means of replacing the defective carburetor. The Edelbrock carburetor performer series provides smoother transitions.

The carburetor is a version of previous fuel systems. In comparison to modern fuel systems, the carburetor can easily adapt to changes in speed. This is achieved by varying the fuel/air ratio, therefore resulting to a very efficient engine performance. If you are worried that you might not be able to find a replacement for your faulty carburetor, Edelbrock is here to help you. The Edelbrock carburetor has a guaranteed leak-free and smoother performance compared to any other carburetor.

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