Edelbrock Camshaft & Accessories

Most vehicles today use an engine that applies the Otto cycle. The Otto cycle or commonly called the four-stroke approach enables the engine to convert fuel into a more useful form. The four-stroke cycle begins with the intake stroke, followed by compression stroke, combustion stroke, and finally, the exhaust stroke. This process is achieved through the coordinated performance of different engine parts, which include the camshaft. The camshaft is not just an ordinary shaft. It plays a vital role in the operation of the engine. It controls the movement of the fuel and exhaust valves. Without the efficient performance of the camshaft, the engine will not be able to carry out the four strokes. And since fuel is the main ingredient for internal combustion, it is of utmost importance to have an adequate supply of it. Once the camshaft stops the entry of the fuel, there will be nothing to be processed by the engine. Careful inspection is required in the camshaft. If you detect damage, replace is as soon as possible to prevent risking the life of the entire engine. Edelbrock tenders the best camshaft in town. The Edelbrock camshaft will effectively enhance the drivability of your vehicle.

The camshaft's importance to the engine is great that without it, the four-stroke cycle will be impossible. Carrying out the four strokes is extremely important to complete the process of fuel burning. The camshaft is in charge of timing the closing and opening of the fuel and exhaust valves. Once it malfunctions, the primary affected stroke is the intake stroke, and the last would be the exhaust stroke. So you see, a damaged camshaft has to be immediately replaced to effectively complete the four-stroke cycle. For a reliable camshaft replacement, switch to the Edelbrock camshaft.

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