Edelbrock Car Parts & Accessories

Searching for the finest auto parts and accessories? Edelbrock Corporation offers you with the best-quality automobile components that you have been looking for. With its extensive years in the industry, it specializes in vehicles, cars, trucks, ATVs and motorcycle. Edelbrock started in the business in 1938 in California. It was initiated by Victor Edelbrock, Sr. who was an experienced racecar driver and mechanic. He initially produced auto parts such as cylinder heads and intake manifold for his company. Eventually, Edelbrock developed into a bigger car parts business while it caters to numerous vehicle makers including AMC, Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Jeep, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Rover and a lot more.

Edelbrock is a respected name in performance. Because its founder was engaged in auto racing, the company entered racing in 1946. Its popularity was boosted when it joined a car racing using the Kurtis Kraft midget car with Rodger Ward at the wheel. It made history when Edelbrock's nitro methane-powered #27 car model made it to the top and emerged as the champion at the legendary Gilmore Stadium.

In 2005, Edelbrock garnered the National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame. This is one of the reasons why Edelbrock's popularity absolutely advances in coil springs the car parts industry. Today, it is a leading and trusted auto parts brand sought by numerous car and racecar owners. If you are in great need of cylinder heads, exhaust, fuel pumps, manifold, suspension, valve train, water pumps and other after market replacement for your vehicle, you will definitely have them all with Edelbrock car parts.

Quality and precision are the top priorities of Edelbrock. And why not? Its products are made from sand cast aluminum. Highly skilled technicians assemble thousands of castings each day with the company's automated but critical procedures. And then, the computer-controlled pouring stations make sure that the aluminum is at the right quantity and the molten metals are at appropriate temperature. Edelbrock uses the optimum equipment for its quality control to ensure that its outputs are of finest performance. Now, are you looking for a source where you can get quality Edelbrock car products? It's easy! Come to Partstrain, your reliable source for aftermarket Edelbrock products and more.