Earls Valve Cover Gasket Set & Accessories

The complete Earls Valve Cover Gasket provides a leak-free connection between the valve cover and the cylinder head. What is a valve cover and why is there a need for a gasket? The valve cover is the device that prevents oil leakage. Just as the name implies, the valve cover acts as a cover to the valve trains, which controls the function of the valves. If the valves have to be adjusted, the valve cover has to be removed. The inclusion of a gasket enhances the usefulness of the cover. It seals the cover and keeps the oil from leaking. So, even if the engine is running, its performance will be sustained once the gasket is installed in the valve cover. A broken valve cover gasket can be easily detected. When the oil is beginning to leak down the head, this is a sign of a gasket failure. You have to be very meticulous to really notice gasket damages. Even if the damage is minor, this could still lead to a serious problem. The Valve Cover Gasket offered by Earl's Performance Products will sustain the normal operation of the valve cover.

The valve cover gasket may be made of silicone, cork, or rubber. Just be sure to choose the gasket that perfectly fits right into the valve cover. Never waste a moment when you notice that the gasket is broken; replace it straightaway. The most applicable replacement is the Earls Valve Cover Gasket. You would at least have a lot of backup if you acquire the entire set.

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