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You must be longing to have flexible water lines on your vehicle, so why not get the latest fad in the market? Earl's new form A-Flex radiator and heater liners are designed to set a new standard for more flexible water lines on your vehicle. The Earl's auto-flex HTE stainless braid-protected synthetic rubber hose is manufactured to the product specifications in the United States of America. The Earl HTE hose is crafted from corrugated 300 series stainless tubing, which is corrosion resistance to ensure longer service. Embedded in the HTE liner during manufacture is a partial coverage textile inner braid. It is finished with a full coverage high tensile stainless steel braid which is bonded to the reinforced HTE liner. In that way, maximum pressure capabilities are provided as it is able to maintain the beauty and flexibility that is responsible for the fame of Earl A-Flex hose. Aside from that, the connector sleeves at each end of the Form A-Flex tubing are made from the same silicon rubber that is used in Indy cars.

Moreover, the Earls inner liner is constructed from synthetic rubber tube, which allows a clean and fast flowing to provide constant flow at operating temperatures from -40 degrees to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This has been the recommended temperature range and maximum operating pressure that is equivalent to the premium quality A-Flex hose. Such recommended temperature is intended only for use with swivel-seal, auto fit and auto-mate hose ends, which the Earls A-Flex hose possesses, and not to be used for other manufacturers hose ends.

The key to achieving the desired flexibility and mechanical bond between the braiding layers is through a proper timing of the braiding and the curing of the rubber during the manufacturing process. Earls ensure that its full worm gear hose clamps are enclosed in housing machined which is crafted from a billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum that is either bright dip anodized or chrome plated.

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