EZ Cover Car Cover & Accessories

Don't you hate it when your car gets covered in dust spots after it's been soaked by the rain? Not only does it make your ride look ugly, these spots can be a hassle to clean as well. However, this could've been avoided had your vehicle been covered by a reliable EZ Cover Car Cover.The EZ Cover Car Cover keeps your car from being exposed to all sorts of elements. This includes dust, water, bird droppings, and other chemicals. This is an ideal cover for your car because it's made from high-grade polyester that's weatherproof and water-resistant. So no matter how harsh the weather gets, this product will still be able to protect your ride. This car cover has double-stitched seams that keep it from being easily ripped apart. Also it has built-in grommets at the bottom that lets you use a cable and lock to keep the cover from being removed. Another remarkable feature of this car cover is its being wind-resistant, which allows it to stay in place no matter how strong the winds are. Lastly, the EZ Cover Car Cover is lightweight. So it's easy to carry around and to place over your car. If you hate the idea of your car having an array of dots made of dust, then be sure to cover it up with an EZ Cover Car Cover. With its help, you'll be able to kiss dust and other road elements goodbye. Order one now from our catalog here at PartsTrain.