EZ Cover Car Parts & Accessories

Car covers are underrated. You'll see this in the multitudes of vehicles left parked on the streets without any sort of protection. If you're after a reliable and no-nonsense car cover, you'd do well to put EZ Cover products on your shortlist.

EZ Cover covers are designed for ultimate ease of use without compromising the security and protection of your vehicle. It takes as little as a minute to get a cover over your ride, and half that time to take it off. Each one is made from lightweight, breathable material that will provide a snug fit to your ride. This way, the cover won't get blown off by gusts of wind or even light breezes. Whether you need a cover for a sedan, a truck, a van, or an SUV, you can count on the EZ Cover car cover to keep your vehicle safe from pollutants and the elements.

Each EZ Cover car cover is made from special polyester with a UV coating to make it water-resistant and weatherproof, so you can count on years of total shelter for your vehicle. Additionally, the coating makes the cover impervious to such things as bird poop and acid rain. With double-stitched seams, the chances of tearing and fraying messing up the cover are minimized. As a bonus, the company has included a nifty black reel-in storage case where you can easily put the cover in when you're not using it. It takes a little over a foot to store the cover, so it won't take up too much of your ride's interior or trunk space.

You can start protecting your vehicle from the elements by ordering a new car cover made by the folks over at EZ Cover. With its breathable and weatherproof material, these covers are truly the ultimate in terms of vehicle protection. You'll find some in stock right here at Parts Train, available in a variety of sizes to fit most vehicle makes and models. The best part is that you can order one from us at an affordable price. We offer the lowest rates on the Web, so you're always guaranteed a bargain every time you shop with us!