EGR Tailgate Cap & Accessories

Pickup trucks are exceptionally handy, particularly their truck bed which provides a huge storage space for cargos. The tailgate is incorporated to keep the cargos in the bed from falling off. This gate also makes the truck bed more accessible during cargo loading and unloading. However, because of the exposure of the tailgate to different forces as you drive, its form may be easily destroyed, particularly its top edges. In order to maintain the perfect form of the tailgate, tailgate caps are developed. The tailgate cap covers the gate's top edge, therefore providing utmost protection to it. Another positive effect of installing a cap to the tailgate is the enhancement that it provides to the truck bed's appearance. The EGR tailgate cap offers both, protection and enhancement. The rugged tailgate cap from EGR is the ultimate shield from scrapes and dents. So, protect your truck's tailgate with the tailgate cap from EGR.

The tailgate cap from EGR has a customized design that makes it perfectly fit for easier installation. The cap is composed of an impact-resistant acrylic material which is extremely resilient against corrosion and oxidation. The tailgate caps developed by EGR are applied with a UV-blocking treatment that protects against the scorching sunlight. The installation of the tailgate caps is easy because of the double-sided adhesive that is pre-applied into them. No drilling is required. All you need to do is to stick them right in place and everything is ready. When you need a tailgate cap that offers maximum protection as well as appeal, choose the EGR tailgate cap.

As a pickup truck owner, you should be at least aware of your truck's needs. The tailgate, for instance, needs protection. To keep it looking great and performing well, install the EGR tailgate cap – the superior tailgate protector. Explore Parts Train for additional auto parts and accessories.