EGR Fender Flares & Accessories

Who would not want elegance and style at the sides of their vehicle? Surely, every auto enthusiast would love that! If you are among them and you find the offer enticing, then get a set of EGR fender flares now! Every set of EGR fender flares is a package of driving appeal. Mounted at the sides to cover each wheel well, the fender flares will give your auto an added character and a more distinctive personality. Originally available in black, EGR gives you the option to have the flares painted with the color of your choice or to have them mounted as they are. They also come with instructions for mounting, so the installation process is a breeze and can be done on your own.

Other than appeal, the fender flares will give your auto body protection benefits as they will keep dirt and debris away. Without these fender accessories, your auto body will be vulnerable to dents and scratches that may be caused by debris thrown by the tires as they spin. This can then lead not only to a messy appearance in your auto exterior but to more expenses on car wash, as well as probabilities of rusting and corrosion. The EGR fender flares are designed for practical use, preventing all these unwanted occurrences once installed. Crafted from strong molded polymer material, the fender flares are guaranteed to remain tough against pressure, fading, and damage.

Restyle and protect your vehicle with the EGR fender flares. Practical and trendy, a set of fender flares could be all you need for that overall upgrade in appeal and protection. Simply visit Parts Train anytime if you wish to find a selection of vehicle accessories that will truly make your auto distinct on the road. Better yet, call us for your questions and concerns.