EGR Bug Shield & Accessories

Every EGR bug shield is packed with promise on protection and auto customization and styling. What is a bug shield and why that name? A bug shield is among the family of auto accessories which are installed in a vehicle to reroute the direction of various unpleasant elements which you and your auto may encounter as you drive. Together with the bug shields are the vent visors and the wind deflectors. The bug shield is installed at the edge of the hood. Without this shield, all the bugs, stones, and many other road debris that your auto encounters as it runs will splash into the hood and the windshield. The bugs that have managed to cause stains into the windshield will surely contribute to visibility problems. Stones coming in contact with the hood, on the other hand, may cause expensive scratches. These debris, when they manage to reach the windshield in worst cases, may even break it. That is why a bug shield is needed to deflect all these.

Aside from the protection that it offers, a bug shield is also capable of enhancing the looks of your auto. There are many designs for you to choose from. The most common are the smoke and the clear shields. For a sporty appeal and for a perfect match in case you have accessories like nerf bars and grille guards in your auto, you can check out the stainless steel bug deflectors available. Furthermore, there are those which have gone beyond style and feature prints and graphics. When installed, these will create a distinctive appeal in your vehicle. The aerodynamic design of the bug shields today will also contribute to your auto's fuel efficiency.

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