EGR Bed Rail Cap & Accessories

The EGR bed rail cap is designed to give your truck the best in protection and style. If you have a truck with you, then you must be someone who always finds the need to carry and transport cargos from one place to another. And if you've had your truck with you for quite a long time, you probably know the abuse that it suffers while you load and unload cargoes in a daily basis. And if you have installed bed rails to optimize the utility of your truck, then you also know that the rails are among the most prone to damage. That is why we have the bed rail cap from EGR.

No matter what make and model you drive, there is an EGR bed rail cap that is designed for your auto, featuring a precise fit and reliable quality. With this customized fit available, your bed rails are guaranteed of maximum coverage, which then means maximum protection from any damage. And because the cap is made from tough ABS plastic, you get durability and lasting service. It can be easily installed with as simple as 3m adhesive strips, and it may come with or without stake pocket holes. And while it is designed to protect, it will do so stylishly. It is crafted to hug the rails and complement the looks of your truck, so you get customized protection and customized appeal.

You never have to expose your truck bed rails to damage and expose yourself to greater expenditures with the EGR bed rail cap now available here at Parts Train. All you need to do is to shop with us online, and your EGR cap is on the way to you! And for other EGR products, just browse through our site and find what you need.