EGR Car Parts & Accessories

Looking for the right kind and quality auto parts for your vehicle can be tiring sometimes. With the multitude brands and car parts stores coming out into the industry, you get confused which of those will qualify for your taste and for the requirement of your vehicle. With this, you have to be very careful in choosing products for your car because you do not know whether they can really help you or if it just throws your hard-earned money.

The ERG Group knows this, which is why it created the ERG Automotive, one of its four divisions. This is ERG Group's automotive division and the favored manufacturer and designer for aftermarket automotive parts such as body kits, headlight guards, rear wheel covers and spoilers. In terms of quality, ERG proves well its superiority evident in its constant improvement program, which was accredited and given a third party certification to QS-9000, which integrates ESO-9001. ERG is identified worldwide for its custom-made plastic automotive add-ons.

Its Quality Management System comprises the entire business transaction of ERG Automotive and ERG Group. From the inception, design and styling, manufacturing to the delivery of its top-quality products, ERG continuously shows its reliability. It is committed to its valued customers all over the world that's why it ensures that its products are guaranteed and reached the expectation of its buyers.

From the production of the raw materials, organizing concept designs and digital making to the finished car products, ERG Automotive greatly emphasizes cutting-edge technology. It is regarded as one of the world's most advanced conglomerate that makes use of finest quality thermoformed plastic products. Should you need car products like hood shields, fender flares, dust guard, sun guard, window visor, rear wheel covers, tailgate scuff plate, bed rail caps, body kits and other auto components, choose ERG. It is a leading provider of highly efficient car parts with a state-of-the-art designs and styles. If you need to conduct a replacement now, you can go to Partstrain. Come to Partstrain and get hold of our wide variety of car products including performance ERG products.