EBC Brake Pads & Accessories

Much as there are different kinds of drivers, there are also different types of driving character. It is with this knowledge that EBC has crafted its braking parts, specifically the EBC brake pads. EBC has manufactured different brake pads that will suit different drivers and different braking characteristics.

Successfully invading the motorcycle braking industries in its initial operation, EBC has finally ventured into automotive brakes. Today, you will find EBC brake pads from the race tracks to the streets. Whether you are into hard and high performance braking or are more into ordinary braking, you will certainly find an EBC brake pad that is right for you. Pads from EBC offer various features that you will surely love. There are pads which are specially crafted to generate less noise and dust. Some feature longer life compared to ordinary products, while there are those who boast of being gentle to the rotors. Upgrading to EBC products will give you a more improved braking power, coupled with the durability that you can trust. And for a more enhanced braking character, you can go for other EBC products. EBC also offers brake rotors which are sure to perfectly work with the pads. Drilled and slotted, these rotors will give you the benefits that only high performance disks can give.

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