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All automobiles brake system's mortal enemy is heat. As you tap the brake pedal, friction sends the temperature of your discs exorbitantly. It's the very reason why EBC builds some of the toughest brake components in the world. EBC grabs the title pioneer as it is best described in the world brake industry as such. EBC has been the dominant force in motorcycle brakes for over twenty years now.

Founded in 1978, EBC Brakes Group is a private company owned exclusively by the current managing director, Andy Freeman. The name EBC has grown to be a worldwide group with strengths in every area of the brake industry. In fact, it is also the last truly independent British friction materials manufacturer in the automotive industry. EBC has started launching its automotive range of disc brake pads in the late 1980s. Not quite too long, EBC rise to success in the European market and it's no wonder the future of EBC becomes so bright until this date.

In building fierce brake pads, EBC gives an all-out effort for the high-speed world of motorcycle racing. Right after its dominance in that arena, EBC spread its excellence in the automotive circuit, where they again proved its triumph. The company has developed a huge range of brakes for automobiles: race and rally cars, vans, trucks, buses, commercial vehicles and even mainline locomotives. Today, EBC is still on its foot crafting intense brakes for thoroughbred race cars. That doesn't only end there because EBC also have a whole line of brake pads for street driving purposes.

So whether you opt for speeding around on your classic muscle car or a late-model sport compact, EBC has always a set of brake pads and rotors for you. Everyone would want their brake disc to be as cool as cucumbers, which is essential for optimal braking performance. No need to seek further because Parts Train knows it very well that EBC brakes like that of Sport rotors can do the job more than what you have expected. Parts Train would also want you to become a winner of its winner automotive parts and accessories. Start browsing our extensive site now to find them yourself.