E3 Spark Plug & Accessories

Installing the E3 spark plug requires excellent technical know-how. But thanks to its easy-to-follow manual, even you can set it up all by yourself. First, the new plug should be torqued with a torque wrench or any similar tool. This must be done properly to avoid causing engine damage. Thread surfaces should be cleaned to keep seals tight. If anti-seize should be used, caution must be exercised as this may cause carbon buildup. Take note, too, that the thread lubricant can also modify the torque values unpredictably.

Another concern in using aftermarket products, even one as reliable as the E3 spark plug, is the compatibility. Since every car make and model has specifications to be strictly followed, E3 ensures that its spark plug meets these requirements. Parts Train offers a complete line of the product, allowing every auto owner and fleet manager to pick the right E3 spark plug model for replacement or upgrade purposes.