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Performance begins when the spark triggers the burning of the air and fuel mixture in the engine cylinders. Given this fact, you'll be able to tell that spark plug efficiency is a great determinant when it comes to the amount of power generated by the engine. And, a spark plug upgrade is also one effective way to enhance engine power. When it comes to this, one reliable company that you can turn to is E3.

The said company focuses on the performance aspect of spark plug engineering, thus its slogan "born to burn." And whereas most manufacturers focus their developments and innovations on the materials used to craft spark plugs, E3 embarks on an aspect that no one has braved to touch on before: an improvement in the design of the electrode. This is one of the biggest edges of the company against its competitors. And, when you add the advanced facilities and the skilled team working behind this manufacturer, what you'll get is a clear advantage in spark plug performance.

So, what benefits can you expect from E3 plugs? First, in accordance with its main goal, is a better burn. This is achieved because of several things. The first is an increased pressure within the engine cylinders. The second is a significant increase in the speed of the flame. And third is the improvement in its direction. The powerful combination of these three results in a powerful burn that does not only guarantee additional power but as well as improved fuel efficiency and cleaner exhaust emissions. With an upgrade as powerful as the plugs from the company, you'll get a holistic advancement in your vehicle's performance.

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