Dynomax Headers & Accessories

Are you in search of an exhaust upgrade in your vehicle? An upgrade in the exhaust system could be all you need in order to achieve that power boost that you have always dreamed of in your drive. You have a lot of options, and there are various products available for you to choose from. Among the most effective exhaust upgrade that you can make is to replace your vehicle's stock exhaust manifold with high performance headers. And among the products that you will find ideal are the Dynomax headers.

Headers are among the primary exhaust components. They make up the initial portion of the entire exhaust system and are connected to the engine, gathering the exhaust gases that the engine generates during combustion. These gases have to be discharged and taken out of the engine fast, or they may cause engine suffocation and pose limitations to the engine's performance. Now how do the Dynomax headers deal with and handle the exhaust gases? Dynomax headers are designed with mandrel-bent tubes, so gases are able to flow freely without backpressure and restrictions. Added to that, Dynomax equips its headers with interior and exterior coating, designed not only for great looks but for smoothening the tubes to allow gases to escape fast. Furthermore, the coating is also designed to fight off corrosion, so your auto will have a long lasting performance part to serve you.

Upgrade to Dynomax headers now! This could be the start, as Dynomax also offers other exhaust components. You may follow up your headers upgrade with a Dynomax muffler. Or, for a total power boost, why don't you try a complete Dynomax exhaust system! They are all available here at Parts Train! Shop with us now and find only the finest auto parts and accessories in our online catalog!