Dorman Window Motor & Accessories

Power windows are some of the most useful components brought about by evolving auto technology. By simply flicking the power window switch, you can roll your windows up or down with ease. All you need to use are your fingers, unlike with manual windows where you need to use a lot more arm muscles. The only problem with power windows is when the motor becomes faulty—your window will be stuck in an opened or closed position. To avoid all the hassle, replace a broken motor with a Dorman window motor.You can't go wrong with a window motor from Dorman. Having been in the business for 90 years now, Dorman ensures that each of its products goes through stringent quality standards. More importantly, Dorman designs its products according to OE specifications. So with its direct-fit features, installing a Dorman window motor is a breeze. Just remember to take extra care when removing the window regulator from your door to access the window motor. The window glass may suddenly fall to the bottom and crack, so make sure to giveAMple support to the window glass while you're installing the new window motor in place.Now, before putting everything together, test if the new motor works with the window assembly. As long as you got the right product for the right vehicle make and model, then you should be right on track. And if you follow the rule of thumb of "re-assembly is the opposite of disassembly," you'll be done with this DIY process in no time.Dorman doesn't just manufacture window components. Since its establishment in 1918, the company has been manufacturing a wide range of automotive parts, such as exhaust, drivetrain, engine, brake, suspension, and electronic system components. You can find the high-quality Dorman window motor and other Dorman products at