Digi Tails Side Marker & Accessories

The headlights. The tail lights. The turn signals. We are all familiar with these components, and we all know the crucial parts they play in vehicular safety. But these are not the only parts of an automotive lighting system. Unnoticed by many, the lighting system has another component that's smaller and less prominent: the side markers.

Side markers are installed on each side of the vehicle, just above the front wheels. When turn signal lights are activated, each corresponding side marker blinks with them simultaneously. Turn signals alert the driver behind you to the direction you intend to go. However, drivers running alongside your car can't see the turn signals. This is where side markers come in handy. Installed in an easily visible position, drivers beside your vehicle can easily see if you intend to change lanes or is about to make a turn. This makes turning or shifting lanes easier, and more importantly, safer.

Fortunately, stocks of lighting system components are widely available nowadays. Therefore, opting for a replacement should be a cinch. The only question is: how do you find the best brand? There are plenty of lighting parts manufacturers, but there is one name that proves to be the leader of the pack. With modernistic, innovative designs, Digi-Tails is a brand that truly stands out. What makes them unique, you ask? Like other products from Digi-Tails, every Digi-Tail side marker is equipped with LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lights. In comparison to reflector-made side markers, a Digi-Tail side marker is significantly more visible, thus, more effective. With LED-equipped side markers, travelling in low-visibility conditions such as nighttime or rainy and snowy days is definitely safer.

The best part is that a Digi-Tails side marker can be purchased at a very affordable price. So why not get the best if the best is within (your pocket's) reach? Place your order now and get a Digi-Tails side marker from Parts Train's online catalog.