DiabloSport Car Parts & Accessories

If you want your car to get the best car and diesel tuning around, then it would be a wise decision to invest in DiabloSport. For almost a decade, this car parts manufacturer designs and manufactures a unique line up of performance products for most cars, especially GM and Ford. Because of their dedication to producing leading edge technologies, DiabloSport created new car tuning products that have made them unique from competitors. This has made them a well-known leader in electronic programmers in the automotive industry.

From the smallest detail to the finishing touches, every DiabloSport products are made in their wholly owned production facilities. They undergo a series of quality inspections, both by man and machine. Moreover, they are field tested by authorized beta testers to ensure that every DiabloSport product is fail-proof and safe. Every detail has been taken into consideration, so DiabloSport is very proud to say that every product that they manufacture is 100% damage free.

The product lines of DiabloSport includes the following: a tuning chip for Ford (DeltaChip), a PC based tuning software (CMR), a tuning flash programmer (Predator), a MAF interface adapter (MAF.ia.), a 3-in-1 dashboard tool (Trinity), and a variable MAF calibrator. These products provide your car with a significant improvement in drivability. They range from handheld tuning devices, plug and play devices and chips. Either way, installing a DiabloSport product in your car would surely unleash the potential of your internal combustion engine!

With DiabloSport's inline programming devices, the fuel curves as well as the fuel pressure of your diesel engine will be remapped. Installation is so much easier—because it would only take you about 25 minutes to completely incorporate it into your car. No wires to cut. No seals to break. DiabloSport strictly follows ISO 9000 guidelines in product assembly, so you can be sure that all Diablo Sport products are of high quality construction—absolutely guaranteed!