Denso Oxygen Sensor & Accessories

Once you rev up your vehicle's engine, the spark plug will produce the spark that will trigger the burning of the air and fuel mixture in the engine cylinders. This is the ultimate source of power in your auto, and the reason behind the driving performance that you so enjoy. The spark, the fuel, the air – these three are the main ingredients of a good combustion. So how do you ensure that the engine gets the best of all these. One is with the help of an oxygen sensor. Small as it is, this sensor performs a delicate and critical role. Therefore, you need to have the best in your vehicle. One of the trusted products that you can turn to is the Denso oxygen sensor.

The oxygen sensor is a sort of communicating device. Mounted in the exhaust manifold, it determines the oxygen content of the exhaust gases in order to help the vehicle computer determine whether the cylinders are being supplied with the correct amount of air and fuel for burning. Once the sensor indicates that there is too much fuel in the exhaust, the computer will adjust the fuel supply to make the mixture balance. The same goes for the oxygen content. The computer will continuously perform adjustments until the sensor indicates that the right mixture is achieved. This function is very important since it determines the efficiency of the engine performance and the safety of emission.

A damaged oxygen sensor is a big problem. Once malfunctioning, it will send inaccurate data into the computer or may even stop sending data at all. The result – the computer will not be able to perform the necessary adjustments and there may be too much or too little fuel or air supplied into the engine. This will result to various driving problems. So the moment you think something is wrong with your stock oxygen sensor, have it inspected and replaced if needed. Visit Parts Train and find a replacement Denso oxygen sensor.