Denso Car Parts & Accessories

The automotive industry's leading supplier of advanced technology, systems and components, DENSO operates in 32 countries and regions with more than 106,000 associates. The company's success lies in its vision of contributing to the achievement of a future automotive society where worries about environmental hazards and traffic safety are the least concern. It focuses more on customer needs which enable it to concentrate in four areas: environment, safety, comfort and convenience. Such spirit has been cultivated since its founding.

As soon as DENSO has started promoting technological development in the society, its primary focus was on the environment and safety. The company deemed that quality manufacture is of highest priority so as to provide innovative products to people around the globe. Indeed, the quality of products isn't compromise at Denso's manufacturing facility. It is also believed that a dedication to mono-zukuri (the art of making things) is where the heart of DENSO comes from. DENSO develops its systems by taking into consideration the entire vehicle as well as the entire system when creating components.

Thus, an approach to development called concurrent engineering was introduced in the late 1970s. That system enables a team of Denso employees to work without any glitch in an end-to-end process. They all create Denso products that offer exceptional quality and reliability, which are easier and more economical to manufacture. As a matter of fact, many of Denso innovations have helped society protect the environment as it is also able to counter global warming.

Denso's world-leading advances include the first low-speed adaptive cruise control technology, which adjusts car speed and distance to vehicles ahead; the world's first pre-cash safety technology, which operates the brakes and retracts the seatbelts in an unavoidable collision. Other than these world-leading advances, Denso has also a huge selection of automotive parts that varies from performance designs. These are the Denso double platinum spark plugs, Denso first time fit air filter, alternators, compressors, fuel pump, oil filters, oxygen sensors, starter, Denso Iridium spark plugs and Denso U-Groove spark plugs. Nothing beats the quality and performance of Denso's innovative products. If you want your vehicle to take a step ahead over others on the road, then count on Denso for new thinking as we at Parts Train allow you to find Denso's inventive ways on its high quality and performance automotive parts. No doubt about it, Parts Train only deals with highly-regarded brand manufacturers, and Denso is of no exception to them.