Denning Trunk Mat & Accessories

Your car can have a sleek contour, a shiny paint finish, and an attractive set of tires, but if your trunk is dirty and messy, then it's still an eyesore. After all, your car's good-looking exterior doesn't mean much if it has a filthy interior. Constant maintenance of your car's interior—especially the cabin floors and trunk area—is a must. It may be easy to just dump your belongings like mud-filled shoes, greasy garage tools, and grimy garden equipment in your trunk. But as they pile up, they fill your trunk area with unwanted stains that can cause some parts to rust. Before that happens, make sure you have it protected with the Denning Trunk Mat.

The Denning Trunk Mat is designed to keep your trunk area clean and looking great at the same time. It is made from durable polyester fabric that is quilted and batting-filled to provide superior protection for a long time. This trunk mat has ties at the top and better security on the back on the headrests. Unlike other trunk mats, this one is machine-washable. For added functionality, this mat includes pockets for you to store small items.

In terms of installation, you have nothing to worry about. It installs and removes easily with ties around the headrests. The Denning Trunk Mat is also available in various sizes so there surely is a mat that's going to fit the trunk of your vehicle. With the help of this trunk mat, you can say goodbye to the spills, stains, and all other filth that may make their way into your trunk. In addition, it adds an aesthetic touch to your trunk area. Truly a complete package!

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