Delphi MAP Sensor & Accessories

The Delphi MAP Sensor is one of the many Delphi products manufactured using premium-quality materials. Aside from that, the company also employs advanced technologies in producing this part. Because of this, every MAP sensor made by Delphi is capable of withstanding intense temperature and vibrations, mechanical and thermal shock, and even chemical contamination. So what is the significance of the Delphi MAP Sensor in your vehicle? The manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor measures the absolute pressure and temperature of the manifold. In some cases, this sensor is also used to determine other engine performance characteristics. The information provided by the sensor is sent to the engine's ECU or electronic control unit. This information is used by the ECU to determine the right amount of fuel needed by the internal combustion engine. Take note, however, that only fuel injected engines use this sensor. By injecting the right amount of fuel, your engine is able to produce more horsepower for your car's superior road performance. So if you need a new manifold absolute pressure sensor, Delphi MAP Sensor is the best choice. Getting this auto part is easy when you shop at our online shop, PartsTrain. We offer budget-friendly prices for various auto parts and accessories so you can save up on your budget. For big discounts, shop now at PartsTrain!