Delphi Knock Sensor & Accessories

A knock coming from the door tells us that somebody's there. However, a knock from your engine tells you that there's something wrong. Most of the time, this sound is produced due to excessive overheating, over advanced timing, or by using low octane fuel. Since these knocks can spell doom if left unattended, they need to be identified at once. And the best way to do that is with a Delphi Knock Sensor.The Delphi Knock Sensor can be installed on your engine block or the cylinder head. Once in place, this component detects the knocks produced by your engine. After identifying the knock, an output voltage is produced, which triggers your engine control module to control the knock. The ECM does this by fixing the timing of your spark plugs or your diesel injection system. To help it do a good job, the Delphi Knock Sensor uses a ground-isolated design. It comes with a two-wire shield harness to keep it safe from electromagnetic interference. The product also uses a flat frequency response that makes the knock sensor compatible with all types of engines. Finally, Delphi gave the product a large mounting hole, good enough to fit ten millimeter bolts. Just like a knock on the door, it's crucial for you to detect engine knocks. Otherwise, your vehicle will end up performing poorly. So to identify those knocks right away, treat your ride by getting a Delphi Knock Sensor from PartsTrain today.