Delphi Car Parts & Accessories

Variety—this is what separates Delphi from other auto parts manufacturers out there. While some brands specialize only on one or two components, the Delphi brand has a comprehensive product line that can pretty much overhaul your entire vehicle! The company is a leading supplier and manufacturer of powertrain, safety, steering, thermal, control, and security parts. Its main headquarters is located in Troy, Michigan, and it currently employs around 13,000 employees world wide. Aside from that, it has 34 manufacturing sites that are entirely owned by the company. Initially, Delphi offered only ignition and emission components such as coils, knock and position sensors, valves (EGR valves, idle air control valves, and throttle bypass valves), air meters, sensors, ignition wire sets, and engine control modules. Over the years, the company has expanded its catalog. Today, the brand offers other components such as intake manifolds, fuel parts, AC parts, and cooling components. That said, there's no reason for you to look for products from other brands—Delphi has them all. The brand works extremely hard to exceed industry standards. It invests in extensive research and conducts rigorous tests to ensure the reliability and dependability of its products. If you want Delphi parts in your car, you can now get them here at PartsTrain. With just a few mouse clicks and key strokes, you can do your shopping without even leaving your chair! And the best part is that there's no need to overspend because we offer Delphi's products at wholesale prices.