Deflecta Shield Tailgate Cap & Accessories

The most comprehensive line of pickup truck accessories comes from Deflecta Shield. Deflecta Shield is an aftermarket company that develops top quality truck add-ons. It is under Lund International, which is a premier producer of automotive accessories. Deflecta focuses on pickup trucks. Since it has been in the industry for quite a long time, its knowledge with regards to the needs of users is broad. From storage boxes, splash guards, running boards, ramps, cargo management, and bed protection, Deflecta has them all covered. Take the tailgate cap as an example. The Deflecta Shield tailgate cap is installed at the top edge of the tailgate. It protects the edge of the gate against scratches and fissures during loading and unloading of cargos.

The truck bed is the most spacious portion of your pickup truck and serves as a storage space. To keep your cargos from falling off as you drive, the tailgate is installed. The tailgate is the panel that has a bottom hinge to enable its easy opening and closing. The tailgate cap is an exceptional truck accessory that sustains the perfect condition of the tailgate. The cap from Deflecta Shield is made from an extremely durable material that has a diamond brite design, hence making your truck look more urbane and modern. Plus, the tailgate edges are provided maximum protection against scratches and other types of damage. The tailgate cap from Deflecta Shield is the ultimate tailgate cap for pickup trucks. No other tailgate cap offers the same protection and good looks such as the Deflecta Shield tailgate cap.

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