Deflecta Shield Hitch & Accessories

What is an automotive hitch? A hitch is a tool intended for towing purposes and is mounted at the chassis of an automobile. However, in the case of pickup trucks, the hitch is more than just a hitch since it also helps in enhancing the use of the truck bed. Deflecta Shield revolutionizes the use of the hitch by developing the new Deflecta Shield hitch. This component is designed not only for towing purposes but is also crafted to hold the hitch hand bed extender. The extender can be used to securely and safely hold the cargos regardless of the length. Without the hitch, the extender cannot be used among pickup trucks. The hitch from Deflecta Shield is made from highly durable materials to give more strength and stability to whatever is connected to it. So, whether you are making use of the hitch for towing or to hold your cargos, the hitch from Deflecta Shield is the most excellent option.

How important is a hitch for your pickup truck? To make things simple, the hitch enables your truck to effectively hold extensive cargos through an extender. The extender is mounted at the hitch. The hitch has to be able to withstand the pressure of the cargos' weight. If not for the hitch, the extender would not be as effective as it has to be. Indeed, the hitch is a multi-purpose tool, particularly for trucks. Now, you can maximize the use of your pickup with the hitch from Deflecta Shield. The Deflecta Shield hitch is designed for tough performance. It can withstand a load of up to 750 lbs. So, if you think hitches are only for towing, think again.

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