Deflecta Shield Bed Rail Cap & Accessories

A pickup truck is a light motor vehicle that has a separate cabin and rear cargo compartment. The cargo compartment is extremely useful in hauling cargos, providing a huge storage space to make your truck truly functional. The length of the cargo area may vary depending on your pickup truck model. The flat surface of the cargo area is called the bed. There are different pickup bed styles: the short bed, the long bed, the step-side, the very short bed, and the no bed. All the beds, excluding the no bed type, have bed rails on each side. The bed rails serve as the support to the cargos. However, since the bed is usually loaded with light and heavy loads, it cannot be avoided that the bed rails acquire scratches. These scratches can give a rather bad impression about your pickup. So, before this happens to your pickup truck, install The Deflecta Shield bed rail cap. The bed rail cap will shield the bed rails against scratches caused by the cargos or other factors.

Deflecta Shield is a subsidiary of Lund International that concentrates on developing top quality aluminum products. Deflecta Shield has a complete line-up of rugged tools for pickup trucks. The Deflecta Shield bed rail cap is just one of the many Deflecta Shield products intended for pickup trucks. It has a diamond-brite design constructed using highly resilient aluminum. It acts as protective part as well as an accessory. With the bed rail cap installed, the bed rails of your pickup truck will be totally protected against harm. Go for Deflecta Shield for functional pickup truck tools.

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