Dayco Heater Hose & Accessories

A warm passenger cabin can always make the ill-effects of a chilly weather disappear. That's why it's important that your vehicle has the ability to make this happen. Otherwise, you'll be forced to drive under chilly temperatures. And we know how distracting that can be, right? So if you're looking to give your ride the ability to keep the cabin warm, be sure to equip it with a Dayco Heater Hose.The Dayco Heater Hose connects your car's engine and heater core, allowing hot coolant to flow properly. Once it reaches the core, the heat from the coolant is pushed into your vehicle's interior by a fan to keep the temperature warm. To help it perform properly, Dayco had its heater hose made from high-quality rubber mixed with spiral reinforcements. This construction gives the heater hose increased resistance against heat and hot coolants. The company also made its heater hose compatible with all coolants and coolant additives. So no matter what type of coolant you're using, you're assured that they'll work seamlessly with this product. Finally, the Dayco Heater Hose comes with a custom-fit design that makes it easy and hassle-free to install. To combat the cold while driving, your vehicle needs to have the ability to keep its interior warm. And the best way for it to achieve that is with a Dayco Heater Hose. By getting one from PartsTrain today, you're assured that hot coolant flows consistently and gives you the warm temperature you've always wanted.