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You must have already heard that Davico manufactures some of the most beneficial exhaust parts you can put on your car. But are you aware of how poisonous your car's exhaust gas is? Exhaust gases contain three harmful agents: nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, and unburned fuel. Inhaling too much of them in a short time can cause health problems. Of all these toxic substances, carbon monoxide (CO) is the worst. CO can deprive the brain of oxygen and has been discovered to kill passengers in vehicles parked within closed spaces.

Fortunately, new cars are equipped with catalytic converters. A catalytic converter (colloquially, "catcon") eliminates the toxicity of your car's exhaust gases by turning them into environment-friendly gases. When it comes to these converters, Davico is one of the market's leading brands. If you drive an old clunker, or something at least a decade old, then chances are you need a new catalytic converter. That's because a catcon lasts only as long as ten years. After the ten-year mark, specialized materials inside it start to clog up with soot and carbon deposits.

The science behind catalytic converters is pretty simple. Precious metals found inside the converter absorb and break down the harmful agents at extremely high temperatures, often as high as 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. What come out of the catalytic converter are water vapor, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, all of which are part of the air we breathe. Davico helps vehicle owners everywhere make their cars more environment-friendly by providing catcons for all makes and models, both domestic and import. Davico parts provide an exact fit, requiring no cutting, sliding, clamping, or welding. Just bolt on the Davico catcon, and you're good to go.

So if you want to do your share for the environment, or at least ensure the safety of your passengers and the people around your vehicle, make sure your car doesn't expel harmful gases into the atmosphere. Check our catalog at Parts Train where we offer lots of Davico parts that can help improve your car's performance. For cleaner emissions, make Davico your name to trust.