DON Turbo Outlet Gasket & Accessories

The DON turbo outlet gasket is a direct-fit replacement that's made based on the original specifications of factory-released ones, so you can easily fit it in place of the blown or damaged outlet gasket. This aftermarket product is also made from the highest-grade materials, machined and perfected using advanced technologies like computer aided imaging for uniformity. Before finally leaving the ISO-certified plants, each of these gaskets also undergoes in-car extremes tests to ensure they will be right for the job. These thorough manufacturing procedures make this product meet and even surpass the standards set to it by authorities.

The only thing that makes even the most durable gaskets in the industry succumb to pressures is heat, causing them to blow. When they start to get blown or damaged, there will be leaks in all possible areas. This will prevent the turbo charging in the engine and will even block air, which is used to compress and combust the fuel. To keep that from happening, use a durable automotive adhesive when installing the new DON turbo outlet gasket between the manifold and the outlet side of the turbocharger.