DON Oil Pump Gasket & Accessories

The oil pump is usually located at the bottom of the crankcase, near the oil pan. The oil pump gasket's job is to secure the mounting between the pump housing and the engine block. With the gasket preventing oil from leaking out through the mounting, your car's engine will receive a sufficient amount of oil. The DON oil pump gasket resists warping and leaking even if oil is pumped to the engine at an increased pressure. With this gasket around the oil pump's opening, you can be sure to get a lot more use out of your car's engine oil.

Aside from the gasket's durability, you can also count on its easy installation. Like other DON products, the DON oil pump gasket is designed to provide a direct fit. DON manufactures a wide variety of designs for its oil pump gasket to help drivers get the perfect gasket for their car. After installing the new oil pump gasket, remember to fill the pump with just the right amount of oil. This helps the oil pump gasket keep oil from seeping out of the pump's mounting. To find the right DON oil pump gasket for your car's oil pump, browse our catalogs at Parts Train.