DON Intake Manifold Gasket & Accessories

DON has been in the business of manufacturing premium engine gaskets for all applications. The brand's engineers understand that for an engine to stay in good condition, it has to be leak-free at all times. That's why they put so much effort in designing the DON intake manifold gasket. On the intake side of your car's engine, vacuum has to be kept undisturbed except when you're stepping on the throttle. A leaking intake manifold gasket would allow unmetered air to enter the engine, throwing the proper fuel-air ratio off. To prevent leaks and cracks from developing, DON's intake manifold gasket is made of durable material. No matter how hot it gets in the engine bay, the gasket resists bending and breaking. So you can be sure that only an exact amount of air enters the engine's cylinders.

For added functionality, the DON intake manifold gasket is designed to provide a direct fit. Just remember to clean the manifold and cylinder head surfaces of old gasket and sealant material. Otherwise, even an expertly designed gasket may not be able to press evenly against these surfaces and fail to provide an airtight seal. You can find the right intake manifold gasket for your car's engine here at our catalogs. We offer a wide variety of DON products at the best deals.