DON Exhaust Manifold Gasket & Accessories

See, your car's engine works just like an air pump. It sucks in air, mixes the air with fuel, burns the mixture, and expels exhaust gases. One of the most critical parts of this combustion is the exit of exhaust gases from the engine's cylinders into the exhaust system. To protect various engine parts from corrosion, every bit of toxic exhaust gas must transfer to the exhaust manifold-that's where the DON exhaust manifold gasket helps. This gasket fits right between the headers and the exhaust manifold, acting as a seal between the two parts. With this gasket in place, you don't have to worry about exhaust gases seeping out of the engine's headers.

For complete leak prevention, DON's exhaust manifold gaskets are made from durable material. Each gasket is resistant to damage caused by extreme heat and pressure, so you can count on the DON exhaust manifold gasket to hold its own in the engine bay. It can also help your car's exhaust system work more quietly, by preventing hot exhaust gas from escaping through cracks between the headers and the exhaust manifold. With a quieter, improved exhaust system, you're bound to enjoy driving your beloved vehicle even more. At Parts Train, you can pick out the perfect exhaust manifold gasket for your car.