DON Exhaust Gasket & Accessories

Your car's exhaust system isn't made of just a single component running from the manifold to the tailpipe. Rather, the system includes several pipes bolted together along flanged ends, with an exhaust gasket between each component. The exhaust gasket is usually made of sturdy material to resist damage and corrosion. But no matter how durable it is, stock exhaust gaskets still succumb to heat and pressure in the long run. That's where a replacement DON exhaust gasket comes in handy. Unlike stock exhaust gaskets, DON's exhaust gaskets are crafted from durable metal, which helps the gaskets last longer against damage. Hot exhaust gas streaming from narrow openings is one of the causes of noise in the exhaust system. With high-strength exhaust gaskets in your car's exhaust system, exhaust gases are prevented from escaping through cracks in the joints between components, keeping your exhaust system noise-free.

And the best part is, DON doesn't make just exhaust gaskets. The company also manufactures engine and drivetrain gaskets, which meet or exceed OE specifications. Another advantage these products offer is that they provide a direct fit. Now, before you start working on the exhaust system, remember to let it cool. And to jumpstart the gasket replacement process, click through our catalogs at Parts Train and find the DON exhaust gasket that fits your car.