DON Automatic Transmission Pan Gasket & Accessories

The automatic transmission pan gasket from DON completely seals the gaps in your transmission pan. With a complete transmission pan seal, the transmission fluid is kept from leaking, preventing the untimely deterioration of your car's transmission components. Compared to other transmission pan gaskets, the DON Automatic Transmission Pan Gasket is crafted from a combination of high-quality materials like cellulose and nitrile, which are better than conventional gasket materials such as rubber or silicone. As such, this gasket can withstand all types of damage. Aside from effectively sealing the transmission pan, it also keeps dirt and grime out. As a result, the transmission fluid won't be contaminated. Also, this gasket is thicker than your factory gasket, so it really would last longer.

The DON Automatic Transmission Pan Gasket won't blow out, get sucked, and tear easily. Too, it's easy to install-without the need for complicated tools. Truly a quality auto part! This first-rate DON item is available at Parts Train. In case you're interested in one, all you need to do is browse our catalog of parts and accessories. With our high-quality products, you'll surely come back for more.