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Leaks-these are among the most common problems that vehicles encounter today. While some leaks are pretty harmless as long as they are given due attention by topping off, others can be critical to such parts as the engine. And in fact, there are leaks in your vehicle that are life threatening-think of fuel leaking from any part of the fuel system and catching fire. Ironically, much as the effects of a leak can be critical and huge, what's needed to prevent it is a pretty simple component: a gasket. Ever heard of DON gaskets?

The said name pertains to a manufacturer of a broad array of gaskets for a wide range of automotive systems, for a wide range of car makes and models. Some of its gaskets are designed for sealing crucial parts like the engine and related components (cylinder head gasket, intake manifold gasket, and exhaust manifold gasket), others for the cooling system (water pump gasket and thermostat gasket), and for many other systems. These DON parts are all built from materials that are tough and durable, designed to withstand stress and to resist the common problems that gaskets face.

And just what are these problems? What are the most common reasons behind the failure of automotive gaskets? Well, the most common reasons gaskets fail is simply age. These parts are made from high-grade rubber and from other materials that wear over time. Because they are sandwiched between two components as they work, they take a lot of stress and strain, causing them to wear after a while. They may get torn, and this can damage the sealing that they provide, allowing the elements that they protect to leak out. In the case of the head gasket, overheating is one common cause of failure. This condition often blows the gasket, and this begins a series of problems if not addressed immediately. Before anything could get more serious, it's important that you replace a damaged gasket. And, a DON gasket is a great option.

If you're in the market searching for this gasket, then you're already at the right place. We at Parts Train have a wide selection of parts, and we also have DON gaskets for different vehicles. We're sure to cover the needs of your ride, so check out our catalog now for the right gasket and keep your vehicle in good shape.