DC Sports Short Shifter & Accessories

The best feature of your manual transmission vehicle is the total control that it gives you over your auto. Manual transmission automobiles are incorporated with a mechanism that will allow you to choose the kind of gear that you need anytime. This mechanism is called the gear selector. How can you change gears that easily using this mechanism? The answer is the gear shifter. It is an assembly of components arranged in a certain way to effectively change the gears once it is shifted. The shifter knob is located at the tip of the shifter gear and allows you to have a firmer grip when changing gears. Another useful component of the gear shifter is the short shifter. The short shifter is basically the rod which enables you to literally change gears. If not for the short shifter, there is no way that you will be able to make a gear change. The failure of the short shifter should not be disregarded. DC Sports is the name to remember when seeking for a better, more reliable, and longer-lasting short shifter. The DC Sports short shifter provides precision timing when it comes to changing gears.

The short shifter from DC Sports is made from billet aluminum and flawlessly reduces the shift throw up to 50%. The shifter also includes sealed bearings which guarantee smoother shifting. The DC Sports short shifter is the ultimate short shifter. There is nothing more like it. For drivers who are having a hard time shifting gears, the short shifter from DC Sports is the ultimate solution.

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