DC Sports Oxygen Sensor & Accessories

The secret to maximum driving power is a perfect combustion, and among the secrets to a perfect combustion is the right air-fuel mixture. But then, what is the secret to the attainment of the correct ratio of air and fuel delivered into the engine? Among these is a reliable oxygen sensor. Small as it is, the operation of this sensor is critical not only to combustion but as well as to emission. If you want the best, then get only the best. Try the DC Sports oxygen sensor.

The engine requires the ideal amount of air and fuel mixture to generate horsepower. The various systems in your vehicle are designed to deliver these properly, but imperfections in the processes and in the construction of the parts involved usually pose problems to the attainment of this mixture. Typically, mixtures supplied to the engine are either categorized as lean or rich. Rich mixture contains too much fuel, while lean mixture contains too much air or oxygen. Because both of these have negative effects to combustion and to emission, they must be regulated. The vehicle computer must be able to perform adjustments, but it can only do so after the oxygen sensor has sent the right data into it. The sensor determines whether the mixture that the engine receives is rich or lean after reading the exhaust gases. Its findings will be delivered to the computer so that adjustments can be made.

A failing sensor will result to inaccurate data, which will then lead to incorrect adjustment, followed by combustion and emission problems. You will never want these in your auto, so better secure a high quality DC Sports oxygen sensor to replace your damaged one or to upgrade your inefficient stock sensor. Just click on Parts Train and you will find an array of auto parts and accessories to give you a variety of choices.