DC Sports Headers & Accessories

Combustion is the central operation in your vehicle, the process that gives you the power to run your auto. This main operation involves various other sub-processes that must take place in their most efficient level for your vehicle to achieve an efficient overall power generation. Before combustion, air and fuel mixture must be appropriately supplied into the engine for burning. After the process, the exhaust gases must be efficiently discharged. All of these must take place efficiently. If one is poor, the entire combustion will suffer. For the efficient exhaust discharge, you need DC Sports headers installed.

The headers are performance versions of stock exhaust manifolds. They are designed to scavenge exhaust gases without the usual problems on backpressure that is common among stock manifolds. This problem is mainly due to the use of a single pipe into which the gases have to crowd themselves while being delivered into the collector. Because of the crowding exhaust pulses and the gases pushing each other while they flow, a great amount of restriction is created and the gases are unable to efficiently flow through, resulting to the excess amount of energy required from the engine to be able to push these gases out. With the exhaust headers, individual pipes are provided for the exhaust gases, and they are precisely spaced out to prevent the occurrence of the power-robbing backpressure and restrictions to exhaust flow. The DC Sports headers are designed for an improved efficiency, and they are appropriate components for those enthusiasts who want an upgrade in their vehicle performance.

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