DC Sports Exhaust Manifold & Accessories

Do you know that the efficiency of exhaust emission also affects the performance of your vehicle's engine? The gases that the exhaust system handles are by-products of combustion, and the quality of exhaust flow determines not only the quality of emission but the power-producing capability of the engine. The main exhaust component that deals with the emission aspect of the system is the catalytic converter, the device that converts the harmful gases into harmless substances. There is also a specific exhaust part that directly influences engine power – the exhaust manifold. The manifold is the primary component that is in charge of exhaust scavenging, and its efficiency determines the efficiency of the engine in generating power. If you want improved horsepower in your auto, then you need an improved exhaust manifold. You will need a DC Sports exhaust manifold.

From the engine, the exhaust gases have to flow through various exhaust pipes until they are released into the environment. Along the way, these gases are treated and converted for them to be environment-friendly. These gases have to be routed out of the engine as fast as possible. The faster they are removed, the more power the engine will produce. The manifold is designed for a quick scavenging, but stock parts usually have problems with backpressure. DC Sports has crafted its products to address this specific problem. By tuning the tubes for a backpressure-free exhaust flow, DC Sports has come up with a manifold that features low restriction and low turbulence in the flow of the exhaust gases. Thus, the engine is given more breathing space and the ability to generate more power for your total enjoyment.

Upgrade to a DC Sports exhaust manifold now and enjoy a power-packed drive. And if you wish a total power boost, then go for the complete DC Sports exhaust! Just visit Parts Train, scan our catalog of auto parts and auto accessories, and take your pick!