DC Sports Car Parts & Accessories

American Honda commissioned the service of twin brothers and fabrication experts Darrell and Darrick Contreras in 1987 to build a race header for 1988 Honda CRX. The system made a hit, which opened up for DC Sports to come out of the scene. The American Honda rewarded the boys with the job of developing competition products for other Honda models.

Years later, DC Sports has become the leading name in performance exhaust system. Its attention to details made their name tantamount with import-tuner performance. DC deemed that a superior quality exhaust system is a must for superior auto performance. That is why DC has been manufacturing street-legal and competition level components with the use of its state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures and sophisticated machineries. Through maintaining their own facility and an advanced dynamometer, DC Sports was able to extensively test their products in-house and do proper quality control. As a result the products ended to have perfection tuning.

It's no wonder that DC Sports has expanded their line-up to cater to the needs of virtually every vehicle make and model. The DC Sports muffle is now featuring the wide-open core for the best possible gas flow. Another is the DC header which can efficiently get gases out of the engine than any other header while squeezing more horsepower for your car. The DC Sports exhaust system also has 304-stainless steel piping and a polished tip that holds the DC Sports emblem.

You can keep your vehicle one step ahead too if you have DC on it. Should you look for raw performance, superior quality and a solid reputation? Bear in mind that DC Sports is the brand that carries them all in each product. DC Sports is the brand that provides the highest quality exhaust performance products on the market. The choice of DC Sports Header, for instance, can enable your gas to last longer and farther on the road while getting the smooth sound that you've lost for most of your driving years.