DBA Brake Rotor & Accessories

Are you in for a more powerful braking performance? If you are, then the DBA brake rotor is for you. Disc Brakes Australia is a leading manufacturer of high performance brake rotors which are designed both for show and for stopping efficiency.

Brake rotors are standard components of every disc brake system. A rotor is a disc with two side by side surfaces into which the brake pads clamp when you depress the brake pedal. A highly efficient rotor is needed for a highly efficient stop, and DBA crafts its products just for this. DBA offers its rotors in the Standard and Gold Series, the 4000 Series, and the 5000 Series. The Standard Series rotor is designed for a fade-free braking and for a more braking grip. Its Gold version features cross drilled holes added to the standard rotor's slots, designed not only for additional cooling capacity but as well as for show on the streets. The 4000 series is designed to handle braking heat very well. It also combines slots and cross-drilled holes and is the ideal rotor for street applications. The 5000 series, on the other hand, is suitable both for the streets and for the track. It is built for power and is strengthened in appeal with the various finishes available for it.

As a driver, you know how important braking efficiency is, and you can never compromise your safety on the road. So when it comes to braking components, trust only the best. And when it comes to a brake rotor, turn to the DBA brake rotor. Click on Parts Train and scan our online site of auto parts and accessories for the finest there are. You may also call us toll-free for your questions and concerns. We have customer service representatives who will be willing to assist you.