Crown Window Handle & Accessories

Power windows are most commonly used among modern vehicles. However, that does not mean that crank-handled windows are already outdated. Should your auto still be using a crank handle, you do not have to fret if it gets broken or damaged. Crown Automotive is here to provide you with an ideal substitute to your broken crank handle, the Crown window handle.

The windows of your auto are made for different purposes. They prevent harsh elements from getting into your vehicle interior. Such elements include water, snow, dust, and so on. Should you want to open the windows, you will be able to control how wide the window opening will be with the use of the window handle. For power windows, all it takes is a push of a button. However, despite the emergence of power windows in the automotive industry, some vehicles are still integrated with crank-handled windows. The crank has to be turned to open or close the windows. Over time, the functionality of the window handle may decline, resulting to the window glass getting stuck or worse, broken. Prevent further and severe damages to the windows of your auto by installing a new and much effective window handle. The Crown window handle will give you a new perspective on what a crank-handled window is. It perfectly fits right into the spot of your old handle, whether the right or the left. Its OEM quality ensures a lasting performance. You can choose from Crown's cordovan- and charcoal-designed window handles that will surely fit your personal taste.

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