Crown Wheelhouse & Accessories

The wheelhouse is basically a component used to enclose the wheels from the inside. Since the wheels are close to the internal parts beneath your vehicle, the vulnerability of these internal parts is huge. With the aim of protecting the internal components and the wheels of your auto, the wheelhouse is utilized. The use of wheelhouses in vehicles is of utmost significance. As the wheels move, you will barely notice that there are various objects thrown by them with great force. Without the wheelhouse, these objects are free to crash into the unprotected interior parts of your auto, damaging them. The wheelhouse does not only protect the internal parts, it also separates the wheels from its neighboring components and from anything brought by these neighboring parts which may destroy their condition and efficiency. Once you detect corrosion in the wheelhouse, immediately search for a replacement. If left unnoticed, the corrosion will spread out and this might affect parts other than the wheels. You better start looking for a Crown wheelhouse.

Since the wheels are exposed to harsh elements, they are vulnerable to severe damages. The wheels are not just the parts involved. Imagine if there is no wheelhouse mounted in your vehicle and rain suddenly comes. Water will splash liberally in almost every interior part of your auto. Given that the wheels are constantly in motion, water is thrust towards the internal components. What is worse is that water may be mixed with mud and other particles. And if these particles cling to the internal parts, corrosion will occur on these particular parts sooner or later. With a wheelhouse, this can be prevented.

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