Crown Wheel Bearing & Accessories

Your vehicle's suspension system performs six basic functions, which are all important in providing you the level of comfort that you expect when riding your vehicle. But, in order for these functions to be carried out effectively, all its subcomponents should be in good working condition at all times like the wheel bearing. The wheel bearing, like the Crown wheel bearing, is that part of the suspension system that is used to allow the wheels to rotate with minimal friction and supporting the vehicle's weight. But to do these two very vital tasks, the bearing should be in near-perfect condition, thus it should be checked regularly. When doing maintenance, the seals should also be checked together with the bearing. This should be free from leak in order to keep the lubricant inside the bearing and the contaminants out of it.

Although most bearings are designed to last up to 150,000 miles or more, the constant load that they support takes a toll on the bearings, as well as on the seals. Aside from this, maladjustment, loss of grease, and contamination can also cause them to fail early. Not only that, when the seals start to leak, the bearings are also in trouble. So, if you notice any of these problems, you should correct it almost immediately to prevent more damage. And if you hear a humming noise that increases with your vehicle's speed and progressively gets louder when you drive faster, you better ask a qualified technician if it's time to get a replacement.

Replacement wheel bearings can be easily purchased nowadays. Here in our website, you can get one of the finest brands in the market – the Crown wheel bearing. All you have to do is to search our online catalog and choose the bearing that aptly fits your vehicle make and model. If you have questions regarding our products, you can call us or simply leave us an email.