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Engine overheating is one of the most common problems that drivers encounter. And this can be very annoying especially if you are driving your way for an important interview or going for a long distance trip. But you can prevent this from happening if you regularly check and maintain your auto parts. And if you happen to have defective parts like your water pump, you should have it replaced with one of the finest brands in the market like the Crown water pump.

The water pump is an important vehicle component because it is used in circulating the coolant throughout the engine. If this is not functioning well, the engine coolant will just sit in the blocks and heads and will not be delivered to the radiator to exchange the heat. Can you imagine what will happen if coolant is not delivered to the engine? The answer is simple – it will overheat. And overheating can lead to many complex problems such as warped heads, blown head gasket, and other engine damages. So, you should always be aware of the signs that indicate a bad water pump. To know if this is already defective, you must check if its built-in 'weep hole' does not allow water anymore to leak out when in front of the bearing. When there is water in the front bearing, this means that the seal inside the water pump has already failed. Another indication is a bearing noise. If you notice this, then it's to replace your old water pump with a new one.

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