Crown U-Joint Hardware Kit & Accessories

Did you notice the uneven performance of your vehicle whenever you try to make a turn? Its stock u-joint is probably malfunctioning. The u-joint is a union of two hinges situated at each end of the driveshaft. The joint is composed of needle bearing cups on the four legs of the center cross. It is the device responsible for your vehicle's smooth turns. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, the joint may get broken. Paying no attention to your auto's damaged u-joint will put your driveshaft at risk. Your life and the life of your passengers will also be endangered. The option that is best for your vehicle is to have a replacement joint. Setting up the new u-joint will be much easier with the Crown u-joint hardware kit. This kit includes all the needed tools for the u-joint setup.

What is a u-joint? The u-joint, also called the universal joint or the Cardan joint, is the joint that allows a vehicle to smoothly turn regardless of the road conditions. You may have heard of the Hotchkiss drive. This technology utilizes u-joints in the driveshaft. If not for the u-joint, making sharp turns would be hard and rough. The maintenance of the joint includes greasing whenever your vehicle is lubed. When this is neglected, the joint may get too rusty and loose after a time, in which case you have to get a brand new u-joint replacement. Acquire the Crown u-joint hardware kit for a complete collection of the u-joint setup tools. This will help you in your u-joint installation.

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