Crown Transfer Case & Accessories

Do you know the mechanism in a four-wheel drive system that accepts and transmits energy from the transmission to the axles? This mechanism is known as the transfer case. The transfer case is the device responsible for accepting energy from the transmission and transmitting that energy to the axles, both front and rear. It is also known as the transfer box or transfer gearcase. It is attached to the front and rear axles as well as to the transmission. If not for the transfer case, the transfer of energy from the transmission to the axles would be unworkable. A well-conditioned transfer case is capable of transmitting the right quantity of energy to the axles, hence allowing the axles to operate efficiently. The transfer case is actually a sequence of mechanisms. When one of the mechanisms malfunctions, the entire case is affected. In order to ensure that the problem will not worsen, prepare a replacement. Crown Automotive realizes the need for replacement parts that would restore the condition of your vehicle. The transfer case is a highly significant vehicle component, so Crown has developed a top quality replacement for a damaged transfer case. The Crown transfer case is a premier replacement part that has an OEM quality that most people look for.

Always keep in mind to upkeep the status of your vehicle's transfer case. A properly conditioned transfer case is able to provide the appropriate quantity of energy to the axles. And when there is sufficient distribution of energy to both the front and rear axles, your auto's optimum performance can be achieved. The Crown transfer case makes this possible.

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